How beautiful should women be?

How beautiful should women be?

What a wonderful question! It automatically leads us to such heated debates. The first answer of course zooms out like a bullet from a gun: as beautiful as possible! Then it begins to dawn on some people that the ideals, despite the pressure of empowerment from men, are predetermined.

Nowadays it’s the fashionistas and esthetic surgeons, diet and fitness freaks or advertising strategies who have an influence on opinions and styles. Filmmakers make docu-soaps about plastic surgery. Size zero models dictate to us how we should look, in order to wear the latest trends. Pierce Brosnan’s wife is shown over and over again because of her model figure. Massive weight loss celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Kirsty Alley and Pauline Quirke seem to get more press attention for their size than for the work they do.

To come back to the initial question, we can approach this in different ways. The fashion guru approach differs to the social conventions which are concerned with appearance. Health gurus and anti-aging specialist assume a different perspective to a plastic surgeon. Men see feminine beauty different to women. And which one of these dictator opinions do we use to claim that it’s our own opinion?

Sexy, seemingly ageless and wrinkle-free!

Our beliefs as to the definition of good looking are determined very early within the family. Later on, school, our circle of friends and social norms form our tastes and our ideals. Women in particular case about weight and appearance, cosmetics and hygiene, fashion style and social standing. Every woman gets used to the fact that it is possible to persuade and convince based upon appearance, apart from incidental anti-phases during puberty. According to the general definition, women should be beautiful and beautiful means slim, sexy, youthful-looking and wrinkle-free: a mixture of a young-looking mother, PVC-clad dominatrix and elegant fashion icon! How this should all fit together is anybody is anybody’s guess! We should look like plastic Barbies with Marylin Monroe’s bust and at the same time as natural and sporty as possible. No wonder such confusion exists!

We are as beautiful as we feel!

beautiful eyeWomen can actually only be as beautiful as genes, skincare, lifestyle, inner attitude and clothing choices allow. A beautiful, well-groomed woman also looks fabulous in a baggy shirt and dungarees; a chubby person looks like she’s wearing a costume in a badly fitted haute couture dress. Therefore a great deal is necessary to create beauty. Beautiful skin, glowing eyes, and figure-hugging clothes, matching hair and style are indispensable components of beauty. We achieve bodily beauty when we supply the skin and body with the necessary vital substances. Amino acids, enzymes and vitamins are particularly important for anti-aging in the skin. Drink enough water, do lots of sport and always make sure you smile along the way will keep your skin young and firm much more effectively than botox. People who are happy and smile a lot are automatically beautiful anyway! In order to combat stress, the body’s defences can be armed with dietary supplements. In addition, age-appropriate cosmetics can help to supply nutrients to the upper skin layers. This is however very unlikely to be sufficient by itself as skin cells prefer to be fed from within.