Other countries, other customs

Other countries, other customs

People are concerned with intensive beauty care and anti-aging measures. The goal is always the same, however the way there can be very different. An occasional look at the bigger picture can be a wonder. Using the improvisation spirit, you will find the most amazing solutions to common problems.

Distinguish paleness or beach tan?

In Asia, beautiful skin is the nuts and bolts of beauty. Consequently, people make every effort to keep it looking bright and healthy. Large pores are undesirable and anyone who has dark skin brightens it with the help of cosmetics. Although a wide-brimmed straw hat or a parasol would protect the skin from sunburn and premature wrinkles, we instead go to the tanning bed, in order to minimize sunburn and ‘prepare’ our skin in advance, which is counter-productive to say the least. In Japan, smooth skin is desirable and it is common to shave off even the finest facial hair. The Russians manage with coffee powder as a scrubbing substance. They like firm skin that has a rosy glow. The moistened face is massaged with powder which contains caffeine. Brazilians seem to find pretty fingernails most important and they paint them more often than any other nation on earth. They also apparently believe a woman should have firm, supple skin.

Olive oil, maple syrup & co.

Argan oil cosmeticsMaple syrup is popular as a cosmetic in North America. The women there keep their lips in good condition with it and soothe chapped skin. In America it is done also with the use of Botox, because nothing makes more fuller lips and wrinkle-free skin. Unfortunately, this does not work in the long term. The Italians, who seem to prefer more natural beauty, use olive oil for their skin and hair. Africans also know that natural oils are good for brittle hair. In China, women have just discovered the use of cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles or folds near the temples and eyelids, so the face has a more Western look, which seems to currently be in fashion.

The most bizarre anti-aging agent

Whoever wants to be beautiful must actually suffer at times. Well the saying does go ‘No pain, no gain’, right!? The beauty industry uses nature as a model. Snails, for example, possess the special ability to heal themselves and to repair damage to their shell, all with the help of mucus. Colombian researchers have developed an anti aging treatment from this that improves the capacity for regeneration of the skin and will slow down the aging process. A face mask from Japan used to treat acne pimples and blemishes is made with nightingale droppings. Even a prominent footballer’s wife allegedly preferably used this unconventional cosmetic. Cosmetics based on Angus cattle semen, cattle urine, powdered jewels, mink oil or synthetically derived sperm provide information about the importance that people place on wrinkle-free skin, beautiful hair and nails.

However, we British women use ‘only’ commercial cosmetics. All these therapies can only have a positive effect on our skin, hair and nails externally. In many cases, the belief in their effect is greater than the actual detectable effects on aging. Nevertheless, this somehow still doesn’t prevent people from using them with other treatments. In particular, the use of international celebrities and bizarre means to appear ageless. The idea that it is possible to supply the aging skin easily from the inside with nutrient-rich nutrition should certainly also be explored. That would probably have an even better effect than many others.

Home Cooking vs. Finished Products

Even our grandmothers occasionally used cucumber, cottage cheese and honey masks in the knowledge that they are good for the skin. Above all, they were eating healthy food their entire lives. They often grew fruits and vegetables for the family to eat that were guaranteed not to have been sprayed. The diet contained all of the fibre, antioxidants, enzymes and amino acids, the skin, hair and nails needed. In many cases, people in old age even had all their teeth. Tooth decay, dietary obesity and the old looking skin of smokers in large numbers only came along to the extent they have today with industrially produced food. Stress, poor diet and sun bed tanning were a consequence of increasing prosperity.

Actually we should team up with health

We never had better ways to use anti-aging measures from natural sources. We never had higher quality food, with more choice and variety. Basically we need full health today just to be as fit as a fiddle until old age. We can even use high quality dietary supplements to make the vital element budget complete. Especially in times of stress, regeneration phases and a rather unhealthy lifestyle we could do something effective against aging which shouldn’t require too much effort.