How does cellulite develop?

The term ‘cellulitis’ used to be used instead of ‘cellulite’. This is however false, as the ending always points to an inflammatory process when the suffix “itis” is used, which is not the case with orange peel or cellulite. It is more the interaction of many factors that affect mainly women. To get straight to the point, there is actually just a combination of different things in the formation of these unsightly skin dimples, even though many cosmetic miracle cures propagate against cellulite. Women now even have a genetic predisposition to cellulite. This does not mean that they cannot do anything about it. The only question is what really creates the problem. As is so often the case, even here, prevention is better than plastic surgery.

Connective tissue causing cellulite

cellulite pinching legA majority of women have had to struggle with cellulite, according to statistics. It applies not only to full-figured ladies. Most of the orange peel is on the upper thighs, buttocks, hips and upper arms. The older you get, the more intense the depressions form. If you have mild or severe cellulite, it does not matter as you will feel unhappy with it. If you’re overweight, you will probably attempt to diet, try massage or cosmetic products. Among the causes, one can point to the female connective tissue, a decreased flow in the female blood and lymphatic vessels, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Indeed, lack of exercise can be a factor, but by no means the sole cause of cellulite.

Estrogen promotes the formation of cellulite

Men are usually spared because they have more muscle and firmer connective tissue. An explanation for this is that the connective tissue fibers in women are parallel perpendicular to each other, man on the other hand are net like. Moreover, women have by nature much more estrogen in their blood which is conducive to the formation of cellulite. Estrogen loosens the connective tissue and thus encourages the increase of water and fat accumulation. The female fat cell can multiply its volume about two hundred times. They store by this gift actually far more fat. Thereby the surrounding tissue is also affected. It suffers from reduced blood flow and reduced removal of waste products. The lymphatic drainage is reduced equally. In addition, we now often eat incorrectly which will increase lymphatic blockage. Sugar, white flour products and fatty foods are deposited as waste products in cells. Surplus fat, not usable sugars material and harmful acids now form deposits in the connective tissue. This makes increasingly weaker elasticity. You can see the retention of the deposits in the depressions they form on the skin.

Measures against unwanted depression

Now that we know as women we can do little from having cellulite, we should see what we can do about it. At least we can influence the amount of orange peel. Liposuction, ultrasound treatments and anti-cellulite cosmetics while providing improvements are not empirically proven in the long run. In my view, an active life style and a fibre diet is a good start, especially for women in sedentary occupations. If you drink lots of water instead of coffee, it will do a lot for cell detoxification. In addition, we can do something with the right supplements to help cell detoxification and the production of collagen and creatine. Especially the amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine can be mentioned as a supporter. Our suggestion is therefore to offer the natural conditions of natural therapies. When it comes to cellulite, anti-aging begins in the mid-twenties.