Anti-aging facial gymnastics

Anti-aging facial gymnastics

Ever heard of a bit of facial gymnastics to keep you looking young and beautiful?

One of the easiest exercises comes from Chi Gong, an ancient Chinese art of meditation, relaxation and movement exercises. It involves lots of smiling, as nothing is more relaxing for your facial muscles than showing your big grin off to the world! When smiling, all of the muscles in your face tense and relax, which gives them a work-out and gets your skin firm. You should preferably do this in front of the mirror, so that you can see the faces you are pulling. Thirty facial muscles take part in this training and you should really notice the benefits if you do this for ten minutes a day.

There are of course collections of more complicated exercises, books and other publications on laugh yoga, facial yoga and other activities connected to facial gymnastics. For example I can recommend the book ‘Face Exercises That Prevent Premature Aging’ by Jeanette Johnson, for all its tips on how to combat the onset of wrinkles. Just exercises are most probably not enough to prevent wrinkles, but they can certainly offer support. You shouldn’t expect them to be able to reverse deep set wrinkles once they have formed though. Whoever does not supply their bodies with sufficient vitamins, enzymes, micronutrients or amino acids through the diet shouldn’t be surprised with wrinkles being the result. Even Botox injections only work short-term and have to be repeated again and again and who knows what the long-term consequences really are? Why the people of today would rather go to Botox parties and turn to plastic surgery instead of looking after themselves and what they eat and drink is beyond me.

Face massages refresh and revitalise the skin

spiky massage ballWhen you are on a plane, you are sometimes handed a wetwipe or hot flannel to put on your face. The refreshing, revitalising feeling is immediately noticeable and your pores open up. The blood supply to the face is improved and more oxygen is absorbed. Nothing is better than this exercise to prepare you for facial gymnastics. Why don’t you try it out?

If you would like to revive your skin even more, you could try massaging your face with your hands. In Chi Gong for example, you rub the palms of your hands together until they are warm and then you place them on your face. You then massage your face as if you were washing it, which should give you a refreshing feeling. You repeat these movements until your skin feels revitalised.

Facial massages with spiky massage balls or face brushes, gentle rubbing of the tense parts of the forehead, lightly smacking the cheeks or pulling the outer skin layers can relax the muscles in the face and improve the circulation to it. Particular types of massage technique help to improve the appearance of certain facial areas. For example you could firm the skin to prevent the start of a double chin or parts of the cheeks. The little wrinkles which appear around the mouth can also be firmed up. For this, the mouth ring muscle, (which most people have never heard of) needs to be tensed and then relaxed. The potential crow’s feet around the eyes can be targeted if you gently pull the particular strained parts of the eye.

Face yoga can help you to relax

You can’t get cheaper than face yoga. You can do it in an place in the world and theoretically at any time. All you need is the know is how to do the exercises. It makes sense to do breathing exercises in preparation for it, in order to provide the skin with more oxygen. After the breathing, you should think of your posture. Internal and external posture express mood and feeling and this also gets displayed on your face. If you are sad, your whole body folds up and our facial features do the same. It is therefore important to try to relax the worry lines and work on your breathing and posture.

Who’ll have the last laugh?

Of course there are sceptics, who believe that facial gymnastics and wrinkle yoga actually create wrinkles, but we have to do what feels best for us and stay with it.  In my opinion, Chi gong or wrinkle yoga only seem to work when we know exactly which wrinkles we get and specifically always target those ones. Facial gymnastics makes sense when the face is tense, through daily stress routines. It is perhaps logical that plastic surgeons for the most part do not believe in the benefits of face yoga. They believe in lifting above all else, but in such cases it is better to think that scars from plastic surgery cannot be laughed away. If your skin is too tight, it’s actually hard to laugh at all, because after a few operations, the stitches behind the ear can rip much easier than before. Just try not to forget the basics, get enough sleep, eat healthily and drink lots of water!