Active, wrinkle-free aging

Is it possible to be wrinkle-free, even when you are older?

Have you ever seen an old person without wrinkles? No. But you have most probably observed that some old people have an amazingly youthful skin and a full head of hair, while others are bald and look completely withered. These are indications not only of the different genes at work, but also of the effects of various lifestyles.

The cosmetics industry often promises us the impossible. Blurred or fake before and after pictures should be enough to convince us that we can still look like a spring chicken when we are 70. We are led to believe that we only have to use particular cosmetics to be able to keep our youthfulness even as we age. Our naivety is astonishing, as is our business inventiveness!

We are now in the position to be able to alleviate the visible consequences. Cosmetic surgery, concealing clothes and age-appropriate cosmetics make it possible for us to take years off our actual ages. The term ‘anti-aging‘ makes it clear how little we would like to associate with the aging process. Modern-day wellness and treatment programmes as well as a shortened working day keep us looking younger for longer. In 1840, British women only lived to be 45 years old on average. Those born today have got a statistical life expectancy of 90!

It is possible to age without getting wrinkles if you do a lot of sport, make sure your diet contains nutritious healthy food, drink lots of water every day and and don’t get into any bad habits which would be visible on the skin.

We’ve got to thank our genetic traits, but also environmental conditions, illnesses in childhood, our social status, diet and lifestyle for our personal age. The cosmetics industry has made outstanding progress in regards to skin care. But it unfortunately can’t prevent the skin from continually. We can nevertheless influence the extent this occurs. In particular this occurs from a high valued nutrition and a relaxed lifestyle, which doesn’t need any high-calorie indulgences, comfort-eating or other such treats.

Nicotine, alcohol and a lack of sleep all contribute to the aging process

The skin is supplied with nutrients from within. Cosmetic products only work on the skin’s upper layers. In order to combat skin aging effectively we have to take into account cell formation and cell nutrition from the deeper skin layers too, and this can only be done from within. At the same time, our skin demands that we keep all damaging substances away from it. For example strong sun rays, nicotine, alcohol, poor nutrition, long-term stress, grief or lack of sleep present themselves as wrinkles on our faces. The facial landscapes of older people have a particular beauty of their own. They tell us the story of their lives. The number of laughter lines tells us more about the person than any other. Stretch marks, tummy lines, frowning or smoker’s/perioral lines on the other hand are mostly determined by our own actions. Even botox cannot hide the natural age process for good. Cosmetic treatments normally only work on the external skin layers, but in order to really have an effective impact, we should look to the deeper skin layers to cell production and cell nourishment. It is important to supply the skin with nutrients from within too.

Do something wonderful for the skin you’re in!

Although we have to blame our personal age rate on genetics, environmental factors, illnesses during childhood, social status, diet and lifestyle all have a part to play too. The cosmetic industry has come a long way in researching the subject, but it still cannot prevent the skin’s condition from deteriorating with age. We can influence the rate at which this aging occurs though. This can be through a nutritious diet and an unstressed lifestyle. You can be wrinkle free later in life if you do a lot of sport, look after your diet, drink plenty of water daily and cut out bad habits which could leave traces on the skin. You could also start with dietary supplements at a young age, to give your skin an extra boost.