15 tips for beautiful skin

15 tips for beautiful skin

Tip 1

Getting enough sleep is a key to the fountain of youth as it is then that the body is able to regenerate itself. This would help prevent saggy skin and allow cells to rejuvenate and repair themselves. People don’t talk about ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing.

Tip 2

Make sure that you eat a nutritious, fibre-enriched diet, which is a natural as possible, right from a young age. Always try to choose unprocessed foods to provide your skin with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. They are life components which are important for cell function and cell renewal, firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Tip 3

Drink 2 to 3 litres of low sodium mineral water daily. Your skin will thank you for it. Water not only enables better skin circulation, it also keeps the skin smooth and elastic and the pores healthy. It is also a detoxifier.

Tip 4

Try to get out in the fresh air. Doing sport or going for a brisk walk keep the skin firm, gets rid of love handles and enables good circulation.

Tip 5

Try to keep your life free from preventable stress, troubles or worries. Depression, distress and growing discontent and dissatisfaction all have an effect on your skin!

Tip 6

Making sure you laugh and relax keeps you young-looking. It is decided pretty early on in life if you are going to get laugh or worry lines! A happy, fulfilled and satisfying emotional life can be reflected in fresh faces. Volunteering, a busy/lively family life, personal interests or a fulfilling mission in life have kept lots of people fit and young!

Tip 7

Stop smoking! Nothing ages your skin more quickly and causes sustainable circulation breakdown than nicotine. Smokers’ skin is soften wrinkly and grey.

Tip 8

Only drink coffee and alcohol in moderation. Too much red wine leads to enlarged capillaries and expands the pores just as coffee does. Nobody wants alcohol acne or deep gastric folds!

Tip 9

Use sun creams to prevent the harsh effects of sunrays. Intensify its effects though natural antioxidants in the diet. Don’t forget that the skin needs more moisture after you have been sunbathing.

Tip 10

Take the time to learn about age-appropriate cosmetics and choose those which are perfume-free. This is because perfumes and aromas can inflame the skin and make it irritable, which would be counter-productive for people with problematic or sensitive skin.

Tip 11

You can optimize your inner beauty at any age with dietary supplements. This is particularly the case for people who have stressful jobs, pregnant women, seniors, athletes, chronically ill people and those who have to travel a great deal (jet lag).

Tip 12

Stay away from Botox, plastic surgery, hormone treatments and fad diets. They can have consequences later down the line, cause side-effects and are often not permanent anyway.

Tip 13

Don’t forget to be thankful that you most probably have a fully functional body which should be forgiven for its flaws. They make you the individual, unique person that you are!

Tip 14

Try your hardest to look after your body in an optimal way, appropriate to your age. Make sure you get enough rest, maybe do some yoga, go for nice walks etc. Give your body enough time to regenerate itself and find your own beauty from within.

Tip 15

Be happy! Happy people are certainly beautiful from within and automatically make wrinkles go unnoticed. There is no better anti-aging product than happiness!