Wrinkles and anti-aging

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my anti-aging website. My name is Emily and as a ‘mature’ woman in the prime of life, I believe it’s my duty to tell the story of my fight against wrinkles and cellulite and share my experiences and tips for beautiful, wrinkle-free skin. I have been able to collect a great deal of information, as this subject has been bothering me for years. There should be something for everyone, as I’m sure that wrinkles, for instance, are an issue for virtually everyone at some point. My tips can also be useful for men, so don’t be shy…read away!

Feel free to write to me about your experiences and/or offer some tips to others facing similar difficulties. I’d also be more than happy to try to answer any questions which have not yet been addressed on the site.

Women in their mid-40s (like me!) often seem rather nervous about the aging process. The whole hype stemming from the cosmetics industry about using as much as possible of everything probably only exists to push sales figures and we are often easy prey. The volume of special creams, suspicious trials and ridiculously overpriced anti-aging products on the market is endless and the results they bring are unfortunately not always beneficial. Nowadays, older generations are much more active and can be found in modern fitness centres, taking drum lessons, going on meditation retreats or on safari. And why shouldn’t this be the case?! We might say that we are only as young as we feel, but we want to LOOK young too!

Age should ideally mean maturity

When selecting an apple, of course you would prefer the perfectly ripe one with the firm skin to an overripe, squashy one with crinkly skin. I definitely wanted to avoid the same fate as the overripe apple! Therefore, when I reached my mid-30s, I began to try out various beauty products, and visited lots of forums to find out what kind of problems other women were experiencing and the kind of questions they had. That’s when I came up with the idea of ‘publishing’ my own experiences, because after trying out so many products and spending a great deal of money on cosmetics, I found a much better solution for my age-related problems. I never really had problems with my combination skin, but when I noticed the crow’s feet appearing, I knew I had to act. I had always cared for my skin responsibly but was still able to allow myself indulge in a few sins, such as the occasional glass of wine, some sunbathing when weather permits, the odd cigarette and nights out on the town. I love the aesthetics and always try my best to look the most beautiful I can, for as long as I can, without Botox, bleaching and staples behind the ears! Just the thought of plastic surgery scares me to death! It IS possible to stay like the ripe apple even at an older age…it’s just about knowing how!

Cosmetics only help the skin externally

Cream cosmetics

The clued-up among us know that too many sensual pleasures and delights can damage the skin. This is why creams are used early on and intend to provide moisture and supply nutrients. An entire industry is able to stay afloat by tricking us into thinking that there’s a miracle cure product which can make us virtually ageless or which can give us the key to the fountain of eternal youth.Those who do enough research soon discover that this can certainly not be the case. Cosmetics only work on the upper layers of the skin, and the layers below are not touched. These lower layers can only be influenced through the diet, that is, from within. For this to happen, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids as well as plenty of water are essential. The amount of water our body needs is often underestimated. At least 2 litres of mineral water a day is needed to ensure good circulation and firm skin. Water helps to drain away harmful metabolic products and toxins and to transport nutrients to the cells. This is of course pointless if not enough nutrients are consumed overall anyway. Modern food is certainly able to fill you up and tastes good, but is unfortunately everything but nutritious. Heavily processed food, industrially prepared bread, irradiated potatoes and vegetables, fruit sprayed with pesticides, harmful animal feed…how on earth is it possible to actually get sufficient amounts of nutrients? It would seem that people of today cannot manage without supplements. It seems that the age process itself is enough to making the aging metabolism tired out. It can no longer absorb and assimulate the necessary substances as before. This leads to deficiency states, which often go unnoticed and do not seem to have any major impact on the body. The body deals with this  by using an emergency back-up system which gives us the impression that everything is fine. We don’t even notice for a second that it could do with some form of support. The back-up system gets to work and we carry on just as before. Cosmetics are only able to care for the exterior and should therefore always be accompanied by some kind of additional support. But thankfully I’ve found out that skin care from within is much more important and more successful. Amino acids have proven themselves to be effective anti-ageing for the cells.

Amino acids: skin care from within

feeling relaxed and refreshedWherever there is life, you can find amino acids. Without them, nothing would work in the universe. Our cells and enzymes also need amino acids, nutrients and micro-nutrients. The skin, which is the biggest organ, with its so many important functions must have sufficient supplies. If not, it could not function properly and would age prematurely. As mentioned above, the root of the problem is often finding the optimal supply of nutrients. If the important amino acids are lacking due to the intake of unbalanced, fatty and sugary foods and other such sins, we age faster. Armed with this realisation in mind, I decided to try out my first amino acid product. After 4 months of anti-aging treatment, I had already noticed positive signs, which have continued up until now. My skin seems much younger. I have a healthy, rosy complexion and it clearly has good circulation. I can see a noticeable difference in the firmness of my skin when I look at myself in the mirror. Even my dull, lifeless hair is shiny again and my nails are less brittle. I feel completely refreshed and renewed! Anti-aging products like botox are often merely an attempt to not deal wih the issue of aging at all. I seem to be more on the side of Julia Roberts, Rachel Weisz, and Sarah Jessica Parker. These classy ladies are undoubtedly beautiful and are prepared to grow old gracefully. They seem to know exactly what to do to keep their skin from ageing prematurely without the need of injections or by using cosmetic surgery. Every wrinkle stands for life experience. The question is only to find out whether you are talking of a laughter line or saddlebags! I’m very lucky in that I haven’t had to change my lifestyle too much to prevent wrinkles forming.

I will gladly reply to any (polite!) messages. You can either send me an e-mail or place an entry in the guestbook. I am looking forward to your feedback and comments about anti-aging. For more detailed information about amino acids I would recommend www.aminoacid-studies.com because of the quality of the material on there.